Tuesday, February 2, 2016

What is Openbox V8S actually?

Openbox V8S, Skybox or Zgemma Star 2S are free to air (FTA) full HD satellite receiver which is very popular in United Kingdom, Germany and Malaysia. Easy to setup and simply connect the Openbox satellite receiver to your satellite dish. How many FTA channels can be received depends on how many satellites you can receive at your location. You can get all the FTA channels what are available for free in your areas with the receivers. However, if you want to watch paid channels, you have to buy the gift cards from the web, such as eBay. Many expertise offer 12 months free gift cards which can allow you to view decrypted channels.

Why everybody will buy the gift cards?

To answer this question, firstly, you have to understand what is “Cardsharing” or “CCcam”. CCcam is a kind of cardsharing protocol which share the digital packages by connecting the client to a CCcam cardsharing server via the Internet. The main function of the server is to transfer the encrypted channel codes over a network to clients. The cardsharing server shares the decrypted information obtained through yours or anybody else’s satellite subscription card with other users who are connected to it.

Openbox V8S or Zgemma Star 2S are so popular because they not simply a FTA satellite receivers. What’s more, they are a powerful linux based satellite receiver which runs the CCcam protocol software which is able to communicate with a card sharing server in order to watch any paid satellite TV channels without any interruption. Each couple of seconds, any encrypted signal being sent to the TV and CCcam decrypts it so you can keep on watching TV without lagging.

To get a genuine and stable supply of Openbox V8S, you can go here:  http://www.cellphoneage.com/v8s-openbox-dual-core-satellite-receiver.html

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